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Honeywell collaborates with Oman’s Meras

Honeywell signed an agreement with Oman’s Meras, the energy, engineering, construction and project management services provider, to support Honeywell’s expansion to conduct sustainability and energy projects across Oman.

Making the announcement through a Press release, Honeywell said Meras, which is part of the private equity firm, Oman Investment Corporation, will develop a capability centre to support Honeywell, as it implements energy and sustainability projects in the country, including innovation, resources, design, contract and procurement.

According to Honeywell, Meras has a strong presence in Oman, with strategic ties with private and government entities related to infrastructure, healthcare, hospitality and education. The collaboration, the company said, will enable strengthening the local capability around sustainability and energy domains. It will also support requirements to implement energy efficiency-related measures and carbon-neutral objectives, it added.

Honeywell said it has a long-standing history in Oman, having worked on a wide range of projects, including airports, oil & gas projects, and on refining and implementation of petrochemicals-related technologies.


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